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    We are one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of LTV & HTV Driving Simulator in Pakistan


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LTV / HTV Driving Simulator

AAA Technologies is a leading manufacturer and supplier of LTV & HTV Driving Simulators in Pakistan. Our driving simulators help hundreds of people every month by providing proper drive training in safe environment.

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Holographic Displays

Our Holographic Display Solutions give marketing profesionals the edge they need. 3D Holographic Showcase uses the latest holographic technology and unique image projection techniques to bring display products to life…

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Software Development Services

We design interconnected software operating on multiple platforms including Desktop / Laptop computers, Mobile / Tablet Devices and our designed hardware. These software connect with each other to communicate vast amount of data at real-time over multiple mediums

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SmartPump Technology

Do you want an automated system that automatically checks for incoming water pressure and fills your underground tank? Smart Pump Technology is an intelligent water flow monitoring and control system that smartly manages your incoming water supply and underground storage tank for you. Smart Technology lets you connect the device with your mobile or tablet for monitoring at all times



A smart video surveillance system for mobile and tablet integration capability to controlling door locks. A secure system to prevent unauthorised access implementing keyless entry

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Digital Windows

With our revolutionary technology we can convert any glass window or glass wall into a digital media screen. Digital Window is a ‘Show Stopper’. It transforms your everyday display window into the talk of the town. Transform your normal and colourless shop window into a dynamic and fantastic experience.

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Directional Sound System

Directional Sound refers to the notion of using various devices to create fields of sound which spread less than traditional loudspeakers. Designed to target a specific listening area, our Directional Sound System (DSS) technology uses a focused directional beam of sound that is heard by those in the targeted area…



We believe that there exists a simple, efficient, reliable and cost effective solution for all engineering problems. It is the very belief that strives us to think out of the box and search for such solutions.

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring, also known as ‘remote monitoring and control’, is a new type of predictive maintenance technology. It has been credited for revolutionising the predictive maintenance technology by providing a more cost-effective service and saving the precious time on data collection when compared to the previous approach.

IoT Solutions

The internet of things (IoT) is the inter networking of physical devices, vehicles (also referred to as “connected devices” and “smart devices”), buildings and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity that enable these objects to collect and exchange data.

We are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of LTV & HTV Vehicle Driving Simulators in Pakistan. Our driving simulators help hundreds of people every month by providing advance drive training in safe & controlled environment. Our technology also helps instructors identify driver deficiencies so they can be better trained in all aspects of routine driving and all emergency situations.

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We are a group of highly trained engineers gathered around to analyse the problems faced by humanity today and to figure out highly efficient and economically feasible technological solutions to resolve them. AAA Technologies has highly trained engineers thinking out of the box everyday to resolve challenges faced by humanity today. Our products range from simulation based technology to holographic displays, Digital Windows, VR technology, desktop trainers, tabletop simulators, industrial automation solutions, customised automation solutions and various software solutions to improve life of a common man.

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Our Holographic Display Solutions give marketing professionals the edge they need. Our Holographic Training Aids help students learn how things work in 3D environment.

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