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Mobile based security and surveillance system

Product Overview

Are you tired of going to the door when the door bell rings to see who is there and open the door for your guest.
Do you wish you could just see who's on the door and open it without taking a single step?

MobiCam is a smart and easy solution to your needs.

When the door bell rings just take out your mobile and see who's on the door and touch the button to unlock the door.

When returning home after a tiring day at office, just takeout your phone and touch the unlock button to automatically open the door via our key less entry solution. No need to ring the bell and wait for someone to open the door for you.

It's that simple.

Main Features

  • IP Camera based monitoring and security system for homes and offices over local network
  • Capability to configure more than one camera at a time
  • Monitoring over Android based mobile devices
  • Monitoring over Android tablet based devices
  • Easily unlock doors using mobile / tablets by single touch
  • Keyless entry to homes and offices

  • Requirements for system installation

  • Electronic lock installed at user site
  • Wi-Fi router installed at user site
  • LAN cables installed at user site

  • Deliverables

  • 1x IP Camera
  • 1x IP Based Door control module
  • Sold Separately

  • Electronic Lock
  • 4 port TP-Link Wi-Fi Router compatible with system
  • CAT6 LAN Cable
  • Android Mobile (As per user requirements)
  • Android Tablet (As per user requirements)

  • Inatallation Layout

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