March 19, 2018

Holographic Displays



In today’s highly competitive market, brands of all sorts need innovative and eye catching new ways to stand out from their competition, ways to make them superior than the others.

3D Holographic Showcase uses the latest holographic technology and unique image projection techniques to bring display products to life. 3D Holographic technology not only brings life to display products but can also be used with pure holograms for unique and out of this world effects to your product.

Our holographic showcases can be integrated with the existing furniture or can be customised to fit in the current environment.


  • Holographic showcase becomes the centre of attraction in any exhibition and event which helps to bring the crowd for brand promotions.
  • Unique decoration piece increases the value of where ever it displays.
  • Ability to display various features of products that are not normally available in normal displays.


Impressive product displays with pure holographic animations or animation mix of physical product and holographic imagery in restaurants, retail shops, hotels and boutiques

  • Stunning effects for campaign promotions
  • Entertaining systems for amusement parks
  • Visually stunning information display systems in museums
  • Information systems in banks
  • Eye catching product displays for exhibitions and events
  • High end equipment for home decorations



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