March 18, 2018

HTV / LTV Driving Simulator


Driving simulators are being increasingly used for training drivers all over the world. Research has shown that driving simulators are proven to be excellent practical and effective educational tools imparting safe driving training techniques for all drivers. Practical usage of driving simulators provides:

– Driver training for basic driving operations
– Training in critical driving conditions
– Analysis of driver behaviors
– Analysis of driver responses
– Evaluation of driver performance in different conditions

In addition to teaching driving skills, a highly beneficial aspect of simulator based training is the development of judgement/decision making skills which are repeatedly required in various scenarios such as intersection clearance, driving tactics involving other motorists, collision avoidance etc. Customised scenarios can be developed and exercised on to meet specific training objectives. These may include recreation of emergency driving conditions involving equipment and parts failures, driving in severe weather conditions or even reconstructing an actual incident if so desired. This is the strength of the driving simulator. In a nutshell, a driving simulator may not completely eliminate the need for a behind-the-wheel driver training program for a particular organisation, but it is far better, cheaper and safer to crash a vehicle in a simulator than on the road.

 HTV Driving Simulator


Driving Simulator – Capabilities

Our Driving Simulator is capable of providing comprehensive driving training under various synthesised environment and weather conditions as well as evaluation of driver training and performance. Our software engine can be customised as per the selected vehicle cabin to provide training over a wide-range of vehicles including:

Light Transport Vehicles: Sedans, SUVs, Vans
Buses: Coach, Minibus and Large Buses
Heavy Transport Vehicles: Trucks, Water/Fuel Tankers, Dumpers and Trawlers


Driving Simulator – Design

When training a driver in a simulated environment, we believe that it is of great importance that the environment and controls provided for training function exactly as per specification of the actual equipment. After extensive research and various attempts to achieve that goal we finally came up with the design of our advance driving simulator / trainer. Our advance version of the driving simulator uses actual vehicle cabin as trainee station with following design features

Vehicle Cabin (Training Station)HTV Driving Simulator

1. Actual cabin of the vehicle is refurbished and transformed into simulator.
2. Actual vehicle seats are used for accurate feel of the system
3. Actual Assemblies are connected to simulator system
4. Small LCDs are fitted in place of rear, left and right mirrors giving the most realistic training experience possible


Ultra Wide Screen System

1. Roof mounted projectors are used to generate 145 degrees ultra wide screen for graphics projection
2.Three projection screens are seamlessly connected to generate 18 feet wide projection screen

Digital Dashboard

1. Exact replica of original dashboard

2.LCD mounted in place of original dashboard

3.All gauges are replaced accurately in software, making them highly customizable

Steering Assembly Integration

1. Actual ignition switch of the vehicle is used
2. Actual Wiper assembly is used
3. Actual indicator assembly is used
4. Actual hazards light assembly is used
5. Actual parking light and head light assembly is used
6. Actual head light beam assembly is used

Steering Wheel Integration

1. Actual steering of a vehicle is used giving the exact feel of that vehicle
2. 900 degrees total rotation as per the standard for all commercial vehicles
3. Extremely sensitive and accurate data acquisition system supporting 72 discrete values for 1 degree of rotation
4. Force feedback is provided on steering wheel to give off road and error indications
5. Off road indication
6. Engine knocking Indication
7. Force needed to rotate steering is as per the specifications of that vehicle

Gear Assembly Integration

1. Original gear of the vehicle is used to take input for the simulator
2.Sensors detect gear movement up to 0.3 mm accuracy.
3.The exact amount of force needed to shift gear is as per the specifications of that gear.
4.This results in the best possible drive feeling and removes the chances of negative training.
5.Gear of every vehicle behaves differently and exactly as per the specifications of that vehicle
6.Most realistic training possible is provided to the driver

Pedal Assembly Integration

1. Actual accelerator pedals of that vehicle are used
2. Actual brake pedals of that vehicle are used
3. Actual clutch pedals of that vehicle are used
4. Original accelerator, brake and clutch mechanisms are used to collect real time data.
5. Function of all pedals are exactly as per the actual vehicle


Driving Simulator – Benefits

HTV Driving Simulator

Training on our Driving Simulator has several advantages as compared with behind-the-wheel training on an actual road. Some of benefits obtained are as follows:

The most beneficial feature of our Driving Simulator is that the driver can be trained and evaluated on severe weather conditions and other extreme situations which may not always be accessible in real life. An example is inclement weather conditions. In order to provide training in wet conditions, it is imperative that the driver be allowed to drive in such conditions which may be possible at times but with a significant risk of causing severe damage to the vehicle or in extreme cases resulting in loss of life. Using our simulator, a driver can be trained for such scenarios in a safe and controllable virtual environment eliminating the cost of vehicular damage as well as the risk of causing physical damage to the driver.

Another important aspect of our simulator is the provision of training exercises involving emergencies and other situations which are not available in real life training. These situations are critical for developing and evaluating the decision making capabilities of a driver. For example, for an exercise involving pedestrian traffic or an animal crossing the road, in a real life scenario a driver learns from experience how to handle such situations where there is always a possibility of damaging the vehicle or injuring pedestrians or both. Using our simulator, a driver can be trained for such situations without the above mentioned risks involved.

The Driving Simulator provides an excellent learning environment for people with fear of driving. Simulator based training has proven to be highly effective in driver training for such individuals as it eliminates the triggers which create fear and provides a safe environment for training.

Using our Driving Simulator drivers can be trained and evaluated much faster and more efficiently compared with actual live training.

In addition, drivers can be trained in various traffic conditions and scenarios in the comfort of an indoor environment.

Another significant advantage of simulator based training over live training is zero fuel consumption. Using our simulator you will not only save on the cost of fuel but research has proven that an hour of simulator training emits 13 times less carbon dioxide than an hour of live training making it an environment friendly solution as well.


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