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Smart Home Suite

Monitor and control your home using your phone

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Smart Home Suite

Product Overview

Smart Home Suite is one app to conveniently control a collection of Smart Products in a home.

Smart Home

Use Smart Home to control all the electrical appliances, lighting and fans connected with Smart Home System using your smartphone, tablet or computer.


Use this app to configure, monitor and control SmartPump. SmartPump is an intellegent automated system to control your suction pump and overhead motor making sure that your underground and overhead water storage is always full.
SmartPump operates 24 hours day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. It monitors the status of both storages and makes intelligent decissions to top up both tanks
SmartPump stays active even when you are sleeping or are away from home.
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Use your smartphone to monitor and unlock doors using SmartLock.
A smart keyless solution


Use your smartphone to configure, monitor and control SmartPlant watering system.
SmartPlant is an intelligent and automated system that automatically provides water to plants even when you are away from home.
SmartPlant is a convenient way to automatically water plants and save water at the same time, you can setup how many times a day you want to water your plants and how much water you want the plant to receive every day.

Software Downloads

Download All-in-One SmartHome Suit to access SmartHome, SmartPump, SmartLock, MobiCam and SmartLock Features

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