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Smart Pump

Product Overview

We realize that your time is valuable, it should be spent on better things rather than checking for incoming water in the main lines and checking the underground tank for over flow all the time.

Imagine you wake up in the morning and you find your underground water storage tank full; imagine that you go to your office in the morning and when you return home in the evening you find your underground water storage full or imagine that you are sitting in your home and can monitor and control the status of your underground water storage, overhead water tank and motors on your mobile; while sitting in your home...

All of the above is possible with our SmartPump technology.

SmartPump is a revolutionary product that converts your ordinary water pump and overhead motor into automated water flow management system.

SmartPump makes intelligent decision on how to and when to turn on the water pump, fill the underground tank and turns off the water pump when the tank is full. SmartPump also checks for incoming water pressure and turn off the pump if the water pressure is low. Everything is done automatically by SmartPump and you get tank full of water without lifting a finger.

Smart Pump manages incoming water supply, water pump, underground tank storage, overhead tank motor and overhead tank storage for you. Using this technology you don't have to worry about checking incoming water, underground tank or overhead tank for water overflow anymore.

(WiFi range maybe limited to max 50 feet, in most cases it covers the entire house).

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